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Making a Feathered Bestie

Every chicken has its own personality, it’s like and dislikes and the funny thing they do when they think your not watching. Some can be your best friends and some can frustrate you to peices. Personalities are shapes by many things like their breed, the experiences and then there is always that one that has you wondering “they should have been a goldfish instead of a chicken”. 

There are things we can do to shape our chicken into to a feathered bestie.


The Breed of your chicken has a lot to do with their personality that is why looking for pure bred chicken is important, you really know what you are getting. There are many different breeds of chicken but there are only few on the top of the list when it comes to choosing your feathered bestie. 

Australorps (shocking, I know)



Plymouth rock 



Baby Besties 

When you bring up your bestie getting them as a chick 3day old is best, before that they are just getting their sea legs and are just interested in the warm rather then human cuddles. 

Spend as much time with them as you can, pick them up, don’t be scared to tickle them under their necks, if you are confident tickle and play with there wings this will desensitise them, I suggest doing this even if you don’t want a feathered bestie as when you need to check on your chicken being able picking them up is essential, there is nothing worse then chasing a chicken around the yard.

Call your chicken by its name from a young age talk, Hell I talk to them while they are in the incubator. Cluck when you give your chicks food get your crazy chicken lady on.

Spoil them rotten

The best way to ensure you chickens follow you round like your the leader of a marching band is to feed them and not just with their boring feed bring them veggies scraps, frozen corn and watermelon in summer, warm rice or oats in winter, live crickets and meal-worms for treats and you can even section off bits of there yard and seed it with bird seed. If you already have chickens you know how easy it is to spoil them just make sure you don’t forget to call them to you when you do it, even if you don’t want a chicken bestie its a good way to herd you chickens from one place to another.

Can old chickens who hasn’t been hand raise become your best friends?

I used to have this cheeky chicken that liked to escape its coop, she had this beautiful coop full of friends, food, places to lay but she would jump out and run around the coop trying to get back in. I would let her back in then she would jump back out. It would happen over an over again so I had had enough, I decided to let this little bird do as she will and eventually she realised that without my help she was stuck on the outside. She started to come up to the house and sit outside the front door. I would let her back in her coop by bribing her with food, of course she would then jump back out and eventually I just let her free range, she would follow me around and I became her flock after a week or so I was then able to pick her up and she love love loved the company but still didn’t like her coop. A friend told me how much she would like to have chickens and I saw an in, I past her the most natured beautiful bird. So yes it can be done. 

Ever wondered what your chickens are saying well get your crazy on and learn chicken.

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